Acid Catalysed Pigmented Lacquers

Sherwin-Williams pigmented acid catalysed lacquers are a very hard wearing coating, which offer fast drying and high build properties. They are based on low formaldehyde binders and low toxicity solvents to minimize risks during use.

Suitable for use on

  • Occasional furniture
  • Shop Fitting
  • Kitchens
  • Chairs
Gloss levels:  Available in the following gloss levels:
Product Gloss Sizes Catalyst Thinner Solids Drytimes - Full Cure Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
DF1324-9011Undercoat4, 20L13%10 - 20%64%2 - 4 hoursdownloaddownload
DF1324-9024Undercoat4, 20L13%10 - 20%64%2 - 4 hoursdownloaddownload
DH132635%1L, 4L, 12L12%10 - 20%71%12 - 16 hoursdownloaddownload
DH132560%1L, 4L, 12L12%10 -20%71%12 - 16 hoursdownloaddownload
DH133485%+1L, 4L, 12L12%10 - 20%76%12 - 16 hoursdownloaddownload
Note:  Additional data sheets available from downloads section for Clear Acid Catalysed Lacquers