Finishing Oils

Becker Acroma GA820 colouring oil is able to be overcoated with a wide range of Becker Acroma clear finishes. GA820 oil is specifically made to enhance the look of timbers such as Rimu as the oil has a slight red shade to it.

Suitable for use on

  • Occasional furniture
  • Bedroom

Available sizes

GA820            4ltr, 20ltr

Recommended systems

GA820 must be overcoated

Timber            GA820, 1 coat clear sealer, 2 coats clear topcoat

Finishing Oils

Features and Benefits

  • Colours up timber to give a rich wet look
  • Compatible with all Becker Acroma clear systems
  • Good drying
  • Environmentally friendly
Product Gloss Sizes Catalyst Thinner Solids Drytimes - Full Cure Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
GA820n/a4L, 20Ln/an/an/a1 hourdownloaddownload