Inchem Stains

Production Stains

Inchem NGR stains give an even stain effect, available in 4 basic hue concentrates for custom mixing

Suitable for use on

Any internal situation where a stain under clear finish is required.

Available in the following colours:

Basic Hues: Red, Yellow, Orange, Black and Custom tinting available.

Product Gloss Sizes Catalyst Thinner Solids Drytimes - Full Cure Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
113:001:20000Concentrate Red1L+n/an/an/a24 hoursdownloaddownload
113:001:30000Concentrate Yellow1L+n/an/an/a24 hoursdownloaddownload
113:001:30015Concentrate Orange1L+n/an/an/a24 hoursdownloaddownload
113:001:70003Concentrate Black1L+n/an/an/a24 hoursdownloaddownload

Recommended systems

NGR Stains:

  • Must be overcoated
  • Compatible with most clear systems