Waterborne Exterior

Sayerlack waterborne exterior clear coatings from Italy.

Suitable for use on

  • Decks
  • Garden Furniture
  • Balconies
  • Pool Edges
  • Fences
Gloss levels:  Available in the following gloss levels:
Product Gloss Sizes Catalyst Thinner Solids Drytimes - Full Cure Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
AML3132/NNStain1L+None30%19%16 hoursdownloaddownload
AML3133/NN5%1L+None5 - 10%34%16 hoursdownloaddownload
AML3144/NN50%1L+None5 - 10%34%16 hoursdownloaddownload

Recommended systems

Timber 1 Coat AML3132/NN, 1 Coat AML31XX/NN
** Adding a small amount of stain to topcoat can improve coatings UV resistance )