Waterborne Pigmented

Sayerlack pigmented waterborne polyurethanes from Italy are hard wearing medium solids two part polyurethanes. Available in a wide range of colours.

Suitable for use on

  • Interior Doors
  • Shop Fitting
  • Furniture
Gloss levels:  Available in the following gloss levels:
Product Gloss Sizes Catalyst Thinner Solids Drytimes - Full Cure Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet
AU0474/13Undercoat6kg & 25kg2%5 - 10%56%24 hoursdownloaddownload
Matt10%1L+8%5 - 10%40%24 hoursdownloaddownload
Satin40%1L+8%5 - 10%40%24 hoursdownloaddownload

Please note: AU0474/13 is a 2-pack basecoat applicable by spray directly on MDF or Masonite substrates. It has a high pigment content and a high solids content, thus ensuring an excellent filling power and an even colour even at 150-200 g/m² application weights

Clear Waterborne Pigmented Products :  Additional data sheets available from downloads section for Clear Waterborne Pigmented Products.

Special instructions: During application, the temperature of the product, the substrate and the environment must be no lower than 15°C. Coating residues (washing water, booth water, used coating) must be disposed of in accordance with current legislation. Do not pour residues down the drain. In view of the wide variety of materials used for manufacturing wooden products, when switching from a solvent-based to a waterborne painting system it is always advisable to contact your suppliers’ technical departments to check whether your equipment and components are appropriate or whether more suitable types exist. In particular, check: electrostatic guns, pumps, seals, silicones, glues, booth treatment water products, packaging materials, putties, sandpaper, etc.